About Me

A young guy with an interest in web development, graphic design, photography and videography.

From the many 'about me' sections I have read, almost all of them directly state what the individual does for a living and how they go about it. For me, this is a little different. Over the past couple of years I have looked into all types of fields that I have grown interest in and out of. Examples of some may be: web development, graphic design, photography, videography and more. From all of these, the one I yield most experience in is web development, but as of currently, my highest interest lies in both photography and videography.

At the moment, I am based in Berlin, Germany. This is also place that I have been staying the longest, as throughout my life I have moved five times, having have lived in Germany, USA and Sweden. In Berlin, I visit school, taking part in the IB Diploma Programme.


Below I have listed and described some of the work I have done in the many areas of my interest. I am always keen to do more in each of these fields, with the goal of gaining knowledge as well as experience with all of them.

An Internship at Orderbird AG


Orderbird is an iPad POS system for the catering industry. During my internship I joined the IOS team, learning about IOS development, task assignment, Scrum and more. Learn more...

An Internship at Hackidemia


Hackidemia is a global network that designs workshops and kits enabling kids to use curiosity, play, and empathy to solve global challenges. Learn more...


Co-Founder · Developer

The smart way to generate fake content for your projects. It is a tool for developers and designers to quickly get access to fake data with which they can test their mockups and prototypes. Visit the page


Developer · Tester

An online platform on which you can pitch your ideas to the community, get feedback and find collaborators, making your idea become the reality. Visit the page